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Shopping on Kos

A trade centre throughout the centuries, the market of Kos is a real consumer's paradise.

Many tourist shops in the famous "Old Town" and the commercial streets of Kos, offer gold and silver jewelery, a variety of ceramics and leather goods at extremely low prices. Oil paintings and Byzantine icons are a really special souvenir, a symbol of one of the various cultures Kos has lived.

Exact replicas of Archaic Greek vases and jewelery reminiscent of the Gods, mirror the times of Kos in antiquity, another era that has left its sign strong on Kos. In their majority these items are hand crafted by local craftsmen, using all their skills and art, finest in quality, low in prices.

Take a taste of the sweetest desserts, such as Baklava and Candied Tomatoes , of the delicious honey harvested by local beekeepers in Antimachia and many more at the local patisseries and cafes all over the island.

Another local favorite is the wine cheese ( Tiri tis Posas ), goat cheese carefully prepared and cured in red wine. The result is an amazing combination of flavors, a taste of Kos you can take back home with you. Make a stop at the villages of Kos to taste the local Cinnamon drink and ask for Nisyros' special Soumada , a soft drink made of bitter almonds.

All of these delicacies can be purchased in the patisseries, supermarkets and mini-markets, made of the finest ingredients nature has to offer.

Whatever your purchase, bear in mind that quality and value are top priority.