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Suddenly a new era begins ... The Gaia Hotels!


Your home in Greece is at Kos Island at Gaia Hotels. The kos accommodation specialists!


Welcome to Kos island, the best kept secret in the Aegean sea.


A place where antiquity and modern civilization find themselves in unison. Monuments of the past await your discovery and admiration. Kos of the present awaits to live with you the carefree life of summer in Greece, to enjoy with you the sun, the sea, the mood. The town of Kos was founded in 366 BC, in the same area where modern Kos nowadays is to be found.


It climaxed during the Hellenistic and Roman periods, being a crossroad between civilizations, between East and West, the meeting point for both culture and trade. Its public market was of great fame during the antiquity and still is thriving in our days.

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